Brittany & Gene

It's Friday today and I am sorry but...WHERE IS THE SUN!?!? I have to say I do enjoy the clouds and gloomy days a lot because it makes me feel like I can eat snacks and watch movies all day... But seriously, I need sunshine in my life. A couple days ago I had the privilege of shooting Brittany and Gene's engagement photos. I met Brittany a while back, but I met Gene for the first time yesterday. I LOVED doing this session with them!! They are so in love, so comfortable in front of the camera, and such a good lookin couple... Brittany is a beauty. We explored around Carlsbad,  and found an amazing tree that now I'm in love with. I love huge trees! It makes me miss Michigan. Anyway, we almost had a close one on the train tracks as well.... I won't talk about it, makes my heart rate fly. Glad to have been with you two yesterday, I love your photos, I hope you do as well, enjoy!