Henry and Stef

Happy October 1st!!! Duane and I just had the most amazing time shooting Henry and Stef's wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula... I did their engagement session a while back, and right away I could see that these two were not only very much alike but they were mad about each other and so much fun! Stef is a gorgeous woman as you can see, and Henry is a man who you can tell right away that he is loving, caring and very talented. This wedding was so unique because not only did Henry bust out a song for Stef, but they also performed about 2-3 Michael Jackson songs, full dance and everything. It was insane!!! I wish everyone I know could have been there at that moment. HOW AMAZING!! This wedding was awesome!! Henry and Stef, I want you to know how blessed Duane and I are to have shot your wedding and been there for that very special day in your lives. We loved documenting it!! I love these photos, some of my favorites.. ever! Enjoy :)