tim + bree

HEY!! It's Wednesday and life has been pretty CRAZY!! We have been running all over earth doing engagement and wedding photos, plus the band Duane is in, Other Mountains, has been playing some amazing shows in San Diego and LA... You should check them out :) 

Anyways... this E-session we did was with an amazing couple named Tim and Bree. Not only are they super good looking :), they are SO fun to get to know and be around, we felt like we were just chilling with new friends at the Del Mar Fair... seriously, these two are so in love and Bree is so beautiful!! We keep getting awesome couple's who want to try new and cool stuff and it makes our job SO SWEET!! Also, Tim actually showed up to Duane's show and got to see him rock the stage, thanks so much for coming out Tim!!! You rule!! We can't wait for this wedding. 
This post is probably longer than some of the other ones because I had a very difficult time choosing just a few for the post. The colors and lights were like eye candy for me at this fair. And usually I hate the fair! So.... Here are just some of my most favorite ones. Hope you enjoy :)