marc + brittany

Good evening friends!!
Right now I am listening to my favorite singer Ella Fitzgerald, while editing photos.. she rules and I lover her so much!! Plus, today was sunny so I am in the best mood ever... 
This couple is SO amazing to be around and the most lovely people. We met them back when we did a bridal show and I cannot be more thankful to have them as new friends and clients. Brittany and Marc took us to Pizza Port after a fabulous 4 hour session!! (we couldn't stop, it was too fun and we kept finding sweet spots!) We did the session in San Clemente on a Sunday afternoon and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. It also was so easy to shoot these two because their love was so obvious for each other, plus Marc is such a great guy and Brittany is gorgeous!! For all the stuff these two have been through, they deserved an amazing session and even more fabulous photos... Brittany and Marc, thank you a billion-trillion for choosing us, we couldn't be more honored to have this awesome privilege!! Here are just a few of my personal fav's... there are SO many!! Can't wait for the wedding... Let's grab a drink again soon!! =)