marc + karin

What's up?!
It's Thursday today and I am finally able to post a new blog! Woohoo!! We have been waiting for this wedding for a looonnnggg time! We did their engagement session like a year ago. It finally came and it was amazing and an absolute blast to photograph!! These photos turned out fabulous and Karin looked amazing. They got to do a "first look" before the wedding, seeing each other for the first time, alone, and Duane and I were able to capture those intimate moments between them... you should have seen his face! He was so cute, just staring at Karin. She was gorgeous of course.
Thank you again Karin and Marc for having Duane and I capture your wedding, it was a ton of fun and we love these photos! Hope you are having a blast in Hawaii!! Here are a few of my personal favs... too many to choose from, Enjoy! xo