tim + bree

It's November!!!! How is everyone doing!? 

We have had an insane month of October and it has been an absolute blast!!! Thank you everyone for choosing us to be a part of the best day of your lives, we feel honored!!! Seriously. So many fun parties, such fun memories, so many awesome images... Love was in the air! Duane and I  can't thank you enough. I am so proud of Duane for working his butt off and we got to work with our new friend Brandon Barclay, who shot some of your weddings also. He is so rad!!!!! 
Anyway, meet Tim and Bree. They are a foxy couple for sure ;) They have become our friends in the last few months and we love these two!! Not only are they soooo cool and good lookin, but they are SUCH good and kind people and we love spending time with them!! Bree is gorgeous and funny and Tim lights up a room in a second with his charm and awesome personality. We did their e-session a while back. Remember the cool couple at the fair!? That's them!! 
Well, here they are again. I loved every minute of this wedding. They were married in La Jolla at the Darlington House. GORGEOUS venue if any of you future brides were wondering... Super vintage vibe. Bree hand made everything in this wedding; she worked super hard and it showed. It was so vintage, unique and totally my style. LOVED IT!! Great job Bree and everyone else who worked so hard. Both your families are amazing too!! 
Bree and Tim, we love you and we are SO happy to know you! Congrats; let's meet up for a drink soon. Hope you enjoy these images as much as we do... It's a longer one because it was too hard to choose!!! (Duane made me cut it down to even these ones!!) 
-The Reeds
Hair by Jamie Rosa: jamiecerrissa@gmail.com 760.889.5062