bret + erika

What can I say about this wedding..? Fabulous, unique, elegant, amazing, enchanting, romantic... I could go on. We had the most wonderful thunderstorm the day of their wedding and even though the guests and party may have been disappointed, I was thrilled!! Being from the mid-west, it made it so much more unique and exciting for us to shoot.  Erika was such a champ and rolled with the punches. She is also just so gorgeous!! Bret is charming and very kind hearted. Her mother was able to get fabulous rain boots and umbrellas for all the girls and it made the day so much fun!!! We LOVED this family and there was so much love and joy throughout the entire day. Plus, I LOVE RAIN!! Did I already say that?? It was awesome! 
Liz, Erika's mother, did an incredible job with the elegant decor and spent SO much time making it a masterpiece... which it was!! Thanks LIZ!! 
Erika and Bret - CONGRATS!!!!!! Thank you SO much for letting us celebrate with you and make these memories last a lifetime.  We think so highly of you both and enjoy your personalities so much.  Here are just a few from your day (it was so hard to choose!!) Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!! xo