kevin + lisa

Who even says that anymore? I just thought about TGIF and watching Boy Meets World. How funny. Anyway, we have been out of the country for the past couple of weeks and when we got home we did this next Engagement session for a couple of our friends who live up in Pasadena.  Duane and I went to Amsterdam and Spain with my 8 other family members and it was amazing!  I love traveling with my family so much.  We make the best memories. I actually need to post some of those photos as well... We leave again tomorrow to go to New Orleans for our annual Imaging USA photography convention. We are SO SO SO pumped!!!! It's a chance for us to learn more, and get even more inspired by some of the greatest photographers around the world.  Plus, I have never ever been there so I'm ready to eat some crazy good food and listen to some amazing jazz. Gonna be great!!
Come meet us there and we will party! 
On anther note, Kevin and Lisa are such a great couple. They have been together for like 10 years and are now getting married. Duane has known them for a while, having been in the music industry and what not... them rock stars... Anyway, these two are such a blast to be around. We went on an adventure all over LA and Pasadena.  They took us to lunch at this insane sausage place, then after we went to this new bar where I had the best martini of my life!!!
Thank you Lisa and Kevin again for choosing us as friends and as your photographers :) These are just a few of the ones I loved. 
I seriously can't wait for your epic wedding reception and that vegas-crazy light show!! You guys are amazing :)