Jet setting with the Reeds!!

I'm going to start blogging once a week because I realized that there are SO many other aspects of our life we want to let you all in on! We want to get to know YOU and you to know US!! We are crazy and strange but if you let us into your life, we will have a blast together!! So, here's some cool stuff from our personal life... 
Duane and I have had an insane last few months...
My family (all nine of us!!) went to Amsterdam to visit my youngest brother who studies and works there. (I know, isn't he soooo cooollllllll!?!?) Then after that we went to one of our favorite places in the world, Barcelona! We LOVE Barcelona!!!!! It's eye candy over there. I loved photographing our time, walking around, drinking wine, people watching, shopping and eating TONS of GOOD FOOD!!!!!
We are So blessed that we were able to go, seriously. My family is amazing and times with them are the best ever. I love making memories with them and I love capturing them just as much. Duane is the coolest person to travel with and explore with. He is the JAM!!!!! So down for whatever all the time. 
You guys HAVE to go to these places and smash so much good food in your face!!!!!
I can't believe how much fun we had.  Here are a few images that I love, come on our next trip or invite us somewhere cool to shoot your wedding!!! (please?) 

my sis in law xo
my gorgeous momma
my love
doors gone wild
my family!!!! I adore them!!