engagement: greg + ruby

What's up cuties!?
How was everyone's weekend? Hope it was just as fabulous as ours was. I (Sarah) got a little head cold, and that always sucks, but besides that we had a great time shooting these next images you are about to check out! I LOVE when our awesome clients think outside the box and want to go on an adventure for their locations. I had never been to Lake Arrowhead before so it was an absolute blast getting to explore somewhere new! Being from Michigan, I am always down to play in the snow with some rad people. Who cares if it made me more sick, it was SO worth it!! 
Ruby and Greg are another amazing couple. There love is so rich and vibrant, it is inspiring to see! Greg is such a fun and kind guy to be around and Ruby lights up a room with her smile! They laughed the whole time and it made it that much more enjoyable. We also had the pleasure of getting to go to a nice Italian dinner at Romano's after the shoot and get to know each other more, which was a real treat. Thanks for letting us be a part of your story, Ruby and Greg. Cheers!