maternity: leah & zyan

Hey friends!!!!!
How was everyone's weekend??
Ours was sweet but suuuupeer busy!!!!! We had so many fun photo sessions with so many amazing people!! I have soooooo much to blog about but I'll start with Leah.
Leah is one of the cutest pregnant chicks I've ever seen!! She is so beautiful and she is having a... BOY!! Her baby name is Zyan. How sweet is that name?!?!? We had SO much fun at this session, we actually did it at our home studio and down in the yard. It was perfect! Also, Stacy Klepach ( there with us doing hair and make up. Stacy is awesome too!! These girls were cracking me up. I just seriously had so much fun. Leah, thanks again for having me. It was an honor. You are GORGEOUS and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is amazing. I can't wait to meet ZYAN!!!!!! Here are a few of my fav's (I can't post the sexy ones!!) wink wink
You are a babe Leah!!!!!