wedding: trisha + joey

Weddings are in full swing for us now! They're coming one after another and we love it! This is an awesome couple who are friends, of friends... of friends and more friends. Basically there were like 4 other couples whose weddings we've done at this one. It was such a blast to know so many people there! Kind of makes you want to just put the camera down and party! But of course, we did not. This is Trisha and Joey and we really hit it off with them from the start. Such a great, fun loving, down to earth couple. They happen to be a couple of hotties as well... as you can see. These two have been everywhere, from islands to glaciers and everything in between. And we were so honored to be a part of the special day that their incredible journey brought them to. What an awesome and perfect wedding it was! The Immaculata at USD and The Admiral Kidd really set as incredible backdrops! Thanks, Trisha and Joey, for letting us be a part of it! Too bad you live in Hawaii... I mean too bad for us :( or else we'd say lets grab some drinks this week! Congrats you two cuties!