feature: Style Me Pretty, video: Paul Mitchell Systems

Happy Monday everyone! Sometimes Mondays sort of suck, don't they? I mean it's like you wake up and you're like "man, I have soooo much to do!" Well we started doing it and that's why we're sharing this quick blog with you. Last week we were featured in the California section of Style Me Pretty! It was such an awesome achievement for us to be featured! So head on over to Style Me Pretty to check out Tim and Bree's awesome wedding... again! Come on! You know you can't get enough of those two! We certainly can't!

We also wanted to share a cool video that I (Duane) was able to help film with our friends at Super Giant Films. It's a super awesome short of my friend Clinton Norris of Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego doing a sweet precision haircut. Even if you're like "Why would I want to watch a video of someone cutting hair?" go watch it! The filming is rad and Clinton is a true artist and professional. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Welp, back to editing... bye bye.