wedding: adrian + allyson

Today I am blogging a wedding we did for a couple named Adrian & Allyson. 
Allyson found us through her co-worker and we were so pumped to have crossed paths with this family! I say family because Allyson has two insanely gorgeous kids who were a HUGE part of their wedding, and it was precious and touching to watch this family come together. I almost cried when I saw Adrian and his step son helping him buckle his belt and get ready in the hallway. What a precious moment. And Allyson with her daughter as she watches her beautiful mother getting ready for her wedding. How cool that she gets to see her mom in a wedding dress!? Ahh... I love this so much...and they were their witnesses too!! I wanted to cry!!!! 
We had some fun at the Four Seasons Hotel then went over to the beautiful ceremony at a church in West Lake Village, CA. This wedding actually featured tons of kids from their huge and awesome family. More kids took over the dance floor and basically ran the dance party than I've ever seen! The kids gave speeches, kicked off the fun, and just made this wedding even more joyful and spontaneous! We were laughing the entire night!! I love when children light up any situation with laughter and silliness... these kids did just that. Allyson and Adrian met up with us a while ago to shoot their Engagement session and we got a feel for their love and personalities. Adrian is so laid back, gentle, and laughs all the time. Allyson is not only gorgeous but she has such a loving and gentle heart and I can see that in her love for Adrian and also in the way she is so incredibly in love with her kids. She loves them so, so much, it's inspiring!! Adrian adores them too, he is such a cute step-dad!!
It was so fun choosing these images for the sneak peak because like I said, a lot of them revolve around their family.

Adrian & Allyson, we are SO thankful that we could share this memory with you and your adorable family. Thanks a million for having us be your photographers, it was an honor! Let's hang out soon!!