wedding: katie + randy

 It's Saturday!!!! Before we have to leave to shoot another awesome session, we wanted to post this blog from last weekend's
fabulous wedding in the beautiful hills of Murrieta, California. 
We had the honor of doing their engagement photos a while ago and finally, these two tied the knot and partied all night!! It was such a blast being able to be apart of all the special moments of their day like when Katie's dad saw her for the first time before he walked her into her wedding and when Randy and his mother shared their dance. Many parts of this wedding were incredibly touching and we have to be honest and say we felt like friends attending a wedding! Katie is not only beautiful, but she is smart, welcoming, friendly, light hearted, full of laughter and has an incredible presence. Randy is such a man.  He loves her so much! He is so much fun, also very welcoming, and has the best sense of humor. Duane went to grade school with one of the groomsmen! How funny!! Small world...
Well... this has been another amazing day for us and we are truly honored to be able to capture this day for you both. Let's catch up after you rage on your honeymoon and get dinner!! 
We wish you all the love and happiness!! 
Enjoy your sneaky-peaky!! 
xo - duane + sarah