wedding: shaunna + jordan

What's up!?
It's Thursday and I am feeling good. How is everyone today? The week is almost over and there is fun to be had! Love is in the air people!! We arrived home this week from an AMAZING wedding and road trip. It was one of the best weeks of our lives!! 
Shaunna and Jordan had us come up to shoot their insanely incredible wedding that took place in downtown Portland, Oregon.  OH MY GOSHHHHH! We are in love with Portland and all of Oregon, for that matter. My (Sarah) god-family lives there also who are very dear to my heart and have been in my life since day one, so we were able to spend some time with them too and party on their patio bbq style... Thanks again Lisa + Phil!!! We love you!!! Thank God we get to stay with them again for our next Oregon wedding in a few weeks!! (SOOO Blessed!) 

Duane and I will post some images from our road trip another time but for now we wanted to share some of our favorite images from the wedding of Shaunna and Jordan. Looking back on the wedding, we feel honored and blessed to have been able to capture such an amazing couple. Not only are they individually awesome people but together they are a power team. We were able to be a part of some of the most intimate moments of their lives. Including a while back when we were there with Shaunna the moment she saw her fiance arrive home on the ship in San Diego that he had been on for 9 months!!! (Remember that one?) It's an honor to know these people. Thanks again Jordan for your incredible courage and work for our country! Shaunna is gorgeous and such an amazing athlete. They met doing cheer together back in the day and fell totally in love. They inspire us to love better and appreciate the moments we have with one another. 

Shuanna and Jordan... we love and adore you both and we look forward to being in your lives for as long as you'll have us. We can't thank you enough for choosing us and we love these images!!!!!!! We hope you feel the love from the wedding day through each of your photos. Cheers!! Talk soon my friends!
sarah & duane