underwater: kate + brandon

So... here is something we have never tried before... UNDERWATER wedding shots!!!Duane has always wanted to get the gear to go down under and do cool photos of a couple. So, we got to! After renting the housing for a session we did in Oregon, we thought to ourselves, "hey! why not do another underwater session for fun with hot babe models?!" Well, it's a good thing our friends Kate and Brandon are gorgeous and willing to do anything because these two helped create some rad images! Kate and Brando are in love, not married... (yet).... but they have been asked to model for a bunch of different shoots together. By the time they actually get married they will already have SO many wedding photos! haha! I found Kate's wedding dress while we were in Oregon snoopin around some vintage thrift stores. It fit her PERFECTLY!! Thanks also to our best friend Matt for letting us use his pool...Kate and brandon, you are amazing. Thanks for the fun! Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session on Sunday! xo