engagement: brynn + steve

Hey guys,

How is everyone today? The gloom has faded and the sun is finally back again!! No bumma summa!
We have been trying to enjoy every last second of summer. I hate seeing all the little back to school stuff because it reminds me of how bummed I used to get when I was a little nugget, having to end summer fun... Anyway, let's keep it going!! We are going camping for Duane's birthday tomorrow and we are so pumped!! 
This next e-sesh was a blast and also it was another cool unique session. Brynn and Steven are new friends of ours. We met them through another one of our awesome clients.  Brynn is such a pretty girl, she was so fun to take photos of, and Steven is just as awesome and fun to photograph. They have been together for EVERRRRRRRRR and finally they are getting married!! woohoo!! We love that! ;)
Steven makes his own beer, how cool is that!? You know Duane loves him already. We decided to go with a picnic theme for these two. We share the same style so it was perfect. The picnic was in a beautiful park in Vista by their home. They laughed, had some champagne and beer and just celebrated their future together, with us of course. We had a blast even though the sun wasn't out to play. Here are a few of my personal fav's.  Thanks for having us guys, can't wait for the wedding and more hang outs!!!!!!!
Enjoy! xo