contest: instagram

Well, heeelllllooo! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We sure did. An awesome wedding took place on Saturday in Vista and we had the glorious pleasure and honor being there to capture it all. We'll be blogging that later in the week. On Sunday we were a part of The Bridal Bazaar in Del Mar. It was our first time being a part of a show that big. We were on a waiting list for like 2 years to get into that thing! So when they hit us up and said we were invited we said "hey, why not!?" Although bridal shows can be pretty overwhelming for most people (including us) we were able to meet a ton of cool couples who braved the crowds and came to have a look.

We thought it would be cool to do something special and have a little contest for the people who stopped by. So we snapped some polaroids and started a craze! Each girl who had their photo taken will be entered into a contest to win FREE WEDDING COVERAGE from yours truly. Their photos will be posted on Instagram throughout the week and the girl who gets the most "likes" will win! Pretty simple, right? So follow @shirockphotos and join in on the fun! - duane + sarah