wedding: robyn + ramsey

Hi everyone! How are we all enjoying this change in the weather? Well we certainly are! It's starting to get cold here in Carlsbad (for California). But we are loving it. Jacket weather, I mean come on? Who doesn't like to slap on a sweet coat they haven't worn for a year!? Plus it's getting us all geared up for our upcoming trip back to Michigan for Thanksgiving!

So, this.. this was our last wedding for the month. Quite a relief after an intense summer and beginning of fall. But, of course, we'll be back at it in December. There is no wedding season in CA! Fun all year round baby! This is Robyn and Ramsey. These two are a riot! Seriously, they just love to have fun and boy, did they ever. From start to finish, this whole day was just filled with laughter, love and of course, party time, all the time. Robyn and Ramsey actually live in Chicago and know some friends of ours out there. So when they hit us up and said they were getting married here in Carlsbad at Levyland, we were like: "um... well yeah, of course!" For being based out of Carlsbad it's pretty surprising that we hadn't been here for a wedding but we were stoked on this place! Very cool, modern industrial building and right on the lagoon. Couldn't be better. We actually sort of wished it was our house. Oh well.

Anyway, whiteout further adieu, here they are. It's not hard to tell how cool and fun-loving these two are so I think it best to just let these images speak for themselves. Thank you Robyn and Ramsey for having us. Such an honor to be a part of your wedding and a great, great pleasure to know you both. Drinks on us next time your in SD. No questions.

 - duane + sarah