engagement: kendric + ezzy

Hey :)
Today's blog is of a couple of rad people. Meet Ezzy and Kendric. 
These two are not only super cool, but they are SO sweet and kind. We LOVED taking photos of them at the Salk Institute in La Jolla. One of our FAVORITE spots in San Diego!! We actually tried getting married at this very location a couple years back, but the mad scientists rejected us!! boo science...
Kendric and Ezzy love and appreciate art and design. They love architecture and rad buildings so this location was perfect for all of us! The sun was setting so amazingly and we had the best time exploring all around the place. Ezzy is so beautiful and fun loving. She was such a cutie. Kendric is always laughing and has a true gentleman. They are SO in love!!!  These are some of our absolute new favorite engagement images ever because they are not only cute and fun, but this couple wanted to get sexy and classy as well!! And they nailed it. I loved it... it was like a fashion  shoot.

Ezzy & Kendric...
thank you SO much for choosing us to be your personal photographers :) We love spending time with you and can't wait to get to know you better! We had a blast and we are so excited for your wedding!! Thanks again... Here are a few… well quite a few, that we LOVE. 

sarah + duane xo