engagement: zak + andrea

Happy Friday everyone,
How was everyone's week? This month is already flying by! Spring is right around the corner! We're about to head out to Vegas for WPPI, a photography convention where tons of photographers get together and talk shop. It's going to be so fun! We're really looking forward to it! We always come back from it with a ton of new information and awesome techniques from some of the top photographers in the world! Without further adieu,  
Meet Andrea and Zak... 
We had the pleasure of meeting these two at a bridal show back in January and we're so glad we did! They're a really great, fun-loving couple who's love really shines through in their interaction with each other. We love that! Not only that, but they're also pretty easy on the eyes, eh? They were so natural and comfortable with the camera. It was like as soon as we started, they just slipped right into model mode. We had a great time romping around Torrey Pines State Reserve. Love this place! Thanks Andrea and Zak for letting us be a part of your lives. We can't wait for the wedding and for more future hang outs!