wedding: zak | andrea

These two next love birds are some of our new favorite people. Meet Andrea and Zak.
This wedding was such a freaking blast!! Andrea is gorgeous and seriously hilarious. I mean... I thought I was funny...She cracked us up the entire day. Zak has the most chill personality ever and he's always smiling and very welcoming. Even though we are so busy with weddings at the moment (Duane is out shooting as we speak, you go babe), we really wanted to share this one from last weekend with you, just because we are so excited about it!! Plus, I know Andrea is dying to see a sneak peak... :) so here you go guys... Some of our fav's.  You both are amazing people and we are honored to have been able to capture this insane day for you and your loved ones. We know we will be seeing you so soon for some drinks and Italy chat! Cheers!!
xo S + D!