engagement: elizabeth | david

Happy New Year everyone!! I know it's the second week, but I feel like we are just getting started! Duane and I just got home from an amazing snowboarding trip in Park City, Utah last night, where we spent the whole week with my amazing, crazy family. There are nine of us! We love spending time with them since all of us are scattered all over the globe... It was such fun! They even had the biggest blizzard of the year while we were there!! It was simply beautiful.

Anyway, here is our next couple... Meet Elizabeth and David. We did this session right before we left for our trip but we are so excited to share it with you! This is the total opposite of where we just came from... sunny and 70 degrees on the beach in San Diego... These two live in New York City and wanted to do something different. We shot these at the gorgeous Hotel Del in Coronado. That place is amazing!! Elizabeth is the sister of one of our  favorite brides whose wedding we did last year. We LOVE keeping it in the fam... we already know her family so it's so much fun seeing and working with some of the same people (good thing her family is awesome!) Anyway, these two were so much fun to hang with and photograph. Their love is so real and unique. David is such a cool guy. He has such a love for her that shows in each image. He has a great sense of humor and…  he flies helicopters, which is super rad!! Elizabeth is beautiful, elegant and has such a fun spirit. Elizabeth and David, we are so thrilled that you chose us and we can't wait to be at your wedding and capture the beautiful love that you have for each other. Let's make it epic. Enjoy some of our most favorites from that amazing day!!! Cheers and Happy New Year!!

-sarah + duane xo

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