engagement: kayla | luke


Hey guys. Meet Kayla and Luke. We got to know these two love birds a few months ago and we just clicked right away. They are such awesome and fun people. Kayle is a gorgeous, sweet girl and Luke is rad and always laughing. Their love is so beautiful and it shows in each image we captured. We had such a blast with them in their session... We went to an abandoned horse stable lot next to an empty field. We wandered around on a beautiful "winter" afternoon, even though it was like 80 degrees out.... After, they had this genius idea to play with paint bombs and go nuts attacking each other, which was SOOO FUN!!!! The colors were blasting and it was seriously so fun for us to capture.  What a great idea!!

Kayla and Luke... we think you both are such amazing and cool people and we can't wait for the wedding at Circle Oak Ranch!! We had a blast with both of you... So much laughing! Thank you so much for choosing us! Knowing you guys makes us very happy people. Here are just a few of our very favorite shots from last week's sesh... enjoy! :) Talk soon!!

sarah + duane xo

Kayla | Luke_1

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