wedding: amanda | tyler

Hello friends! We hope you all had an amazing Valentines weekend! Actually, we haven't blogged in a while so we hope you are all having a fabulous new year too... Sorry it's been so long! We have been busy getting ready for all kinds of rad and amazing new couples!! Plus we have been doing a bit of traveling also... Gotta have some fun too, right? Man oh man, we truly have the best job ever and the BEST couples in the whole world!! Yea, we can brag about them if we want because it's TRUE!! This year is going to be pretty amazing. We have had a great past few weeks shooting and enjoying life. We've been doing our own fun date and what not as well... But we are ready to jump right into these next weddings... Speaking of weddings, we shot two amazing weddings this past weekend and here is the first of many we can't wait to show you! This is Amanda and Tyler. We did their engagement session a while back at Santa Fe Depot in San Diego and had a blast with them! Amanda is gorgeous and she loves the vintage vibe. She looked stunning on her wedding day and it was so much fun to photograph her. Tyler is a super funny guy who has a fun personality, and he loves his babe SO much! Amanda also has a very beautiful and amazing young daughter, Travin, who we loved hanging out with. She made the day so much fun! This new little family is adorable and it was special to be the ones to capture the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Amanda and Tyler, thank you SO much for having us and for loving our work. We had a great time with you and we hope your life is amazing together. Here are just a few that we LOVE from your wedding at the amazing Darlington House in La Jolla (one of our favorite venues by the way!!!) Hope to shoot there much more! :) Cheers to you and your family.

xo- sarah + duaneAmanda | Tyler_1Amanda | Tyler_2Amanda | Tyler_3Amanda | Tyler_4Amanda | Tyler_5Amanda | Tyler_6Amanda | Tyler_7Amanda | Tyler_8Amanda | Tyler_9Amanda | Tyler_10Amanda | Tyler_11Amanda | Tyler_12Amanda | Tyler_14Amanda | Tyler_15Amanda | Tyler_16Amanda | Tyler_17Amanda | Tyler_18Amanda | Tyler_19Amanda | Tyler_20Amanda | Tyler_21Amanda | Tyler_23Amanda | Tyler_24Amanda | Tyler_25Amanda | Tyler_27Amanda | Tyler_28Amanda | Tyler_29Amanda | Tyler_30Amanda | Tyler_31Amanda | Tyler_32Amanda | Tyler_33Amanda | Tyler_34Amanda | Tyler_37Amanda | Tyler_38