wedding: laura | aaron

This next wedding was an absolute BLAST!! Not only is the couple SO Rad but their wedding was super unique as well. They had a carnival themed day at one of our favorite venues in Fallbrook, CA called Circle Oak Ranch. This place is amazing!! We LOVE shooting at this venue not only because it's gorgeous, but Jennifer and Ron (the owners) are great people and super fun to work with. We love them. Getting back to this couple though... what can we say besides they are both incredibly wonderful people who are so madly in love with each other. Laura is such a babe and she is also an amazing hair stylist at her salon in Escondido called The Parlour. She was so cute getting ready at her salon doing all her girls hair and make up. And what a fine job she did! Aaron is an amazing dude as well! He is always cracking people up and smiling. He loves Laura SO much; it's a beautiful and inspiring thing to watch. Laura and Aaron, we LOVED your wedding so much and we feel honored to have been able to capture this day for you. You both are such rad people and we can't thank you enough for having us! Hope you enjoy this special sneak-peak. Let's get together when you get home from Italy... and by the way, HAVE THE BEST TIME THERE!!! Arrivederci!

sarah + duane xo


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