wedding: jessica | jesus

Hey friends :) Hope your week is going fantastically! We have been so busy moving and shooting so it's nice to be able to sit down in my new, cute office and work on some beautiful images for some beautiful people! We are so excited to share our news with you that we have moved downtown into a very cute home in downtown San Diego. We are thrilled about it  and looking forward to the adventures we will be having here in Hillcrest! Woohoo!!!! We need to explore so many rad places! If anyone has any favorite spots, please let us know or come chill with us. Here's to new beginnings, fun times and new adventures. Speaking of fun times, here is our next wedding to share with you. Meet Jessica and Jesus.

J&J are rad couple. We met them a while ago and shot their engagement sesh which was a blast. Jessica is always smiling and she is just stunning. Jesus is one of the coolest, most chill dudes ever. They both are a ton of fun and easy on the eyes ;) This fabulous wedding was shot at the beautiful Corpus Christi Catholic Church which had a stunning chapel. Both sides of the family were incredibly welcoming and kind to us. Not to mention they love to party and the dancing was off the charts! These two cuties really inspired us and we just LOVE these images we shot for them.

J&J- thanks a million for having us!! We loved your wedding and we hope San Fran is amazing!! Enjoy a few images and get pumped up for the rest!! Cheers cuties!!!

sarah + duane xo

Jessica | Jesus_1

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