engagement: britni | j.t.

Happy Thursday, friends! :) I hope you all had a great weekend wherever you were. We have been having so many fun sessions with some awesome couples, that's for sure! It's such a blessing being able to work with the coolest people. Speaking of cool people, here is our next sesh to show off to you on this sunny Monday afternoon... This is Britni and JT. They are such a fun and happy pair. Britni is soo pretty and and Jt is just the most relaxed dude ever, like seriously chill. He was such a sport during our shoot. Jt, I know you had fun!! Anyway, Britni had this GENIUS idea to do their photos on the amazing USS Midway ship in San Diego. She reserved the whole ship just for us before the crowds began to pour in, and what a treat that was!! Jt is in the Navy as shown below in his "Blues," so it was a super special opportunity for us to capture this aspect of their lives together. Thanks for what you do JT!! It was pretty amazing up there with all the planes and her red dress was something out of a vintage post card! UGH! She looked so rad!! It was such a fun, styled shoot.

Well you two, thanks for having us! We think you both are super rad and we had a blast capturing some art for you. Can't wait for the wedding soon! Enjoy your sneaky-peaky!

Cheers, Sarah + Duane Britini | JT_1084Britini | JT_1085Britini | JT_1088Britini | JT_1089Britini | JT_1090Britini | JT_1091Britini | JT_1092Britini | JT_1093Britini | JT_1094DSC_6668DSC_6698DSC_5301Britini | JT_1096Britini | JT_1097Britini | JT_1098Britini | JT_1099Britini | JT_1100Britini | JT_1101Britini | JT_1102Britini | JT_1103Britini | JT_1104Britini | JT_1105