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What's up kidos. How is everyone's week going? I'm going to keep this post sweet and short because I wanted to show you lots of images from last weekends engagement sesh... and let me tell you... this one is VERY SPECIAL to us because it's MY LITTLE BROTHER and his gorgeous fiance!!!!!!!! This is something I had dreamed of being able to do for such a long time and I am SO grateful and thankful that Scott and Caitlin even let us be their shooters for the engagement photos. THANKS GUYS!!!! We went to Nashville to celebrate their new lives together and busted out some gorgeous shots at the most beautiful park called Cheekwood Botanical Gardens right in Nashville, TN. If you ever get to Nashville, GO THERE. Scott and Caitlin mean the world to us and we love them SO, SO much. This shoot was so amazing and fun.

Scott + Caitlin (scotty + sis), congrats again!! We had the best time with you and we adore you both to pieces. We did an extra sneak peak for you because we couldn't decide on just a few. We hope you love these shots that captured your beauty and your beautiful hearts as much as we do! You both are stinkin RAD!!!! Now go slam a pizza and get ready for the best day of your lives!!! CHEERS!!! xoxoxoxox

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