wedding: ashley | keith

Well, what a weekend we had! We had an amazing time out in Palm Springs with our new friends Ashley and Keith, or as we know them now, The Ashers. They tied the knot and had the celebration of a lifetime with all of their family and friends at a private home called Casa Verona. We knew this wedding was going to be awesome but once we showed up our minds were blown! Ashley and Keith are both designers and they put so much time and dedication into the detailed decor of their big day. We would have to post 200 images to even begin to show the amount of detail here so instead we just went with a few of our favorites :)

We don't need to say much here because these images really speak for themselves. The amount of emotion, happiness, love and camaraderie was overflowing and just naturally shines in every image.

More than anything, we just want to thank you, Ashley and Keith, for letting us be a part of this very special day. You guys went above and beyond to make us feel like not only photographers, but guests. We had such a blast hanging out with you and your awesome friends and family! We're so excited to have started this friendship together and look forward to many more awesome hangs together. Congrats to two of the most awesome people we know! Is it too soon to say we love you guys? Naaa. Love you guys!

sarah + duane xo

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