wedding: kara | chris

Hi guys. Hope you are having a great week! We are trying to stay cool right now with 93 degree weather and Southern Cali is getting hit with all these crazy fires right now and it's seriously NUTS! I'm eating a lot of popsicles, I'll just say that. It's such a bummer about these fires and we hope and pray everyone is safe. I do have to say that IT IS HOT! Speaking of hot... meet Kara and Chris! Kara and Chris are such cool and chill people. We met them a while back and were stoked because we felt an instant connection. They are one of the most relaxed couples we have met yet. They love having fun, enjoying life and especially enjoying their lives together. They are so in love and have the cutest puppy ever!! Their wedding was super unique, filled with rad nautical decor, irish dancers and even a gondola ride into their reception! Kara is both Irish and Italian (great combo, right?) so it was such a rad surprise to have the dancers and boat ride. The ceremony took place on Coronado Island at the gorgeous Sacred Heart Catholic Church followed by the reception at Coronado Cays Yacht Club.  Both of their families were welcoming and kind so it made the day extra fun for both Duane and me!

Kara and Chris, you both are great people and we feel honored that we were the ones to capture the best day of your lives! Thank you again for being so cool and for trusting us. Also, thank you SO much for the gift to one of your favorite local places to eat in our new neighborhood! We can't wait! Let's get together soon for some laughs and drinks. Until then, enjoy your trip and check these out! Sneak peak!!

sarah + duane xo

Kara | Chris_1358

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