homecoming: corrin | ben

Hello friends. Hope you are all having an amazing week! I'm going to keep this short so we can get to the good stuff... This is Corrin and Ben. They are such great people and we LOVED these two sessions we did for them. Ben was away in the military for the last 6 months... yup, 6 whole, long months!! I don't know if I could be away from Duane that long, I certainly wouldn't want to.  She's a strong chick and all military wives are as well. I have known Corrin from back in the day and she wanted us to be there when Ben arrived home from deployment to capture the most amazing moments when they first reunited. It was unreal!! I was holding back my tears while capturing the most incredible few seconds. Corrin is such a babe and also a sweetheart. Ben is such an easy going, fun guy and it was awesome being a part of their story. Corrin and Ben, thank you for letting us share that with you, we felt honored. Ben, thank you for what you do and for being awesome. We hope you can always look back to these beautiful photos and remember that wonderful day when you were together again! Have a GREAT wedding in Colorado!!! You guys make such a cute couple!! Hit us up next time you are in San Diego :)

sarah + duane xo

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