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Well, it's well into June now. Can you believe it? Summer is here and it's amazing but... wow, that came fast! How is everyone? You ready for this next post or what? Meet Rion and Shiela. They are RAD! Rion and Sheila were married at a GORGEOUS private home in Escondido, Ca. The home was set on a beautiful hill with a large field, pond and an old yellow ranch home. The home is owned by Rion's Mother and Step-Father and it was the perfect setting for these two to tie the knot. This was the first wedding at this property and I think they should host lots and lots more because we LOVED it there. Sheila, let's do this! For real!

Rion and Shiela are an amazing couple who love to have fun. They both are so welcoming and really made us feel a part of their friends and family. The First look was super epic as we set it up in the middle of that awesome field. You should have seen his face when he turned around. BAM! She looked gorgeous. The reception was held on the property at one long huge table. I love this look so much! These two cuties are just so fun to watch and photograph because they are obsessed with each other and they both love life.

Rion and Shiela, thank you again for having us and I am so thrilled Duane met you, Rion, at our bank that one afternoon. :) We were such a great fit and we are stoked for your marriage, your new life and your trip to Europe!!!!!! Hope it was insane!!! Here is a sneak peak of what we would like to call... an epic wedding with rad people. Enjoy! Talk soon! :)

sarah + duane xo

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