wedding: kayla | Luke

Do yourself a favor and meet our new friends Kayla and Luke. 
This wedding was absolutely amazing. It was filled with intense emotion, true love, lots of laughter, happy tears, awesome people, Cool decor and a simply RAD and gorgeous couple. Their wedding took place at one of our FAVORITE venues ever called Circle Oak Ranch out in the beautiful hills of Fallbrook, Ca. We LOVE shooting there and have been shooting there for a few years. Always a pleasure to hang with the cool owners Jennifer and Ron. Hi guys! Thanks again for having us!! We love you guys! Anyways, back to the wedding day. Kayla and Luke are both so inspiring and beautiful. Their journey together made for the most amazing wedding day and the ceremony was unreal. These two have such a passion not only for each other but also for their faith in God. It was so hard not to cry watching these two say their vows. Geez!!!! Both of their families were so welcoming and gracious to us and we felt like total guests. 
We also LOVED working with our favorite videographer team, Josh Knoff and his his assistant Cameron with Drift Away Films. They are AMAZING! Hire them now people. They even shot our wedding! Well, I would like to ramble on and on about how cool Kayla and Luke are, but I'll let the photos do the talking. These are just some of our total fav's from Saturday's wedding. Every image shows the intense happiness and passion on that day. 
Kayla and Luke- THANK YOU for having us!!!! We adore you guys and are thrilled for your new lives together. Have fun on your trip and let's chill when you get back. Enjoy this sneak peak!! Cheers!!
sarah + duane xo
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