wedding: britini | jt

Hi Everyone! We're excited to share this next wedding from Twin Oaks Golf Course  last Saturday in San Marcos California. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding. The sky was amazing.  Britini and JT are such fun people. Britini is one of the chillest chicks I've ever met! She is such a kind and caring woman, not to mention she is a babe! It was so fun taking her photos. She is always laughing! Their wedding was full of emotion, love and laughter. Both families were very welcoming to us. This place is a great venue to shoot at because they give you a golf cart and you can go explore the entire course and adventure to all the different parts. There was amazing trees and a sweet tunnel we found. We did have to dodge flying golf balls though, but that kept us on our toes. I think I need a golf cart in my life at all times!

Britini and JT, thank you for having us at your wedding. We enjoyed our time with you guys and we are thankful to know you both. Enjoy this sneak peak on us! More to come soon! Have a great trip :)

Sarah + Duane xo

Britini | JT_1533Britini | JT_1534Britini | JT_1535Britini | JT_1536Britini | JT_1537Britini | JT_1538Britini | JT_1539Britini | JT_1540Britini | JT_1541Britini | JT_1542Britini | JT_1543Britini | JT_1544Britini | JT_1545Britini | JT_1546Britini | JT_1547Britini | JT_1548Britini | JT_1549Britini | JT_1550Britini | JT_1551Britini | JT_1552Britini | JT_1553Britini | JT_1554Britini | JT_1555Britini | JT_1556Britini | JT_1557Britini | JT_1558Britini | JT_1559Britini | JT_1560Britini | JT_1561Britini | JT_1562Britini | JT_1563Britini | JT_1564Britini | JT_1565Britini | JT_1566Britini | JT_1567